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Introduction to BreiTech

The Deloitte Africa Executive Committee (Exco), following extensive deliberations, recently approved the disposal of amongst others the SAGE implementation and support business in South Africa. This was part of a process to dispose of non-core business of Deloitte.

The SAGE implementation and support business in Deloitte Africa was founded during 2010 in South Africa and was servicing both local and global clients. This business has also been providing related information technology services to clients, that varied from the provision of CIO services, customised development services, etc.

A newly formed entity was established by three Deloitte Directors to acquire this business from Deloitte as a going concern, effective 1 August 2018.

Why BreiTech

Our consulting approach involves strong client participation in a team environment and draws on our ability to bring on board a multidisciplinary team of trained and experienced consultants.

Our approach is distinguished by three elements that underpin our consistent ability to deliver high quality and tangible results to our clients.

  • We use a collaborative approach. We shall work closely with our counterparts from and other stakeholders from day one to ensure that we have a complete understanding of the problems to be solved so that we can deliver tailored, effective solutions.
  • Our approach is action-oriented. We aim to provide you with practical recommendations that will lead to lasting improvements in performance.
  • Our approach is rigorous and structured. We shall work in a structured top-down fashion to help you achieve your objectives. To begin with, we shall clarify objectives and identify potential constraints, then develop actions to help meet the objectives based on both our knowledge of best practices and our understanding of your capabilities.

We are confident with this philosophy, combined with our deep knowledge of business process and information technology, we will be able to meet all your requirements and provide them with deliverables that meet and exceed expectations.

Expertise and Experience

  • Our staff has gained invaluable hands-on specific experience in the service areas required for this proposal.

  • We have deep Strategy, Risk & Governance, Project & Financial Management, Microsoft, Sage X3, Network infrustruture expertise.

  • The service delivery team includes subject matter experts in Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure that are qualified MCSE’s, Security experts, Cisco Engineers, Firewall experts and ITIL (Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure Library) qualified.

Our Management

Leana du Plessis
Leana du PlessisDirector
Leana is a director as well as the heart and soul of BreiTech and having a functional business would not be possible without her. She has experience in the industry for over 28 years.
Bertie Loots
Bertie LootsDirector
He has, during his professional career of nearly 40 years, served a variety of high profile private and public sector clients, both in South Africa and internationally.

Our Value Proposition

BreiTech, typically provide services to the private and public sectors that include ICT and system implmentations.

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